August 9, 2021.

6:30 am. Telephone calls.

Guided Meditation. Visual exercises. Filling my 2 litre water bottle. Brushing my teeth. Drinking water.

Buckwheat pasta, artichokes with a sea weeds sauce…

August 5, 2021.

2 days here. To get up is harder. Today I have no look at the time.

At night I sleep in a bed, my body strechts itself, overall my legs. Night, night, night.

My let it go takes time to go. My intestines are inflamed. I am happy with my legs in their normal size, no inflamations, although my left foot, still is in pain when walking, at times. I want my chi to make its job. I love it.

Cold shower, you can imagine, how cold it is in summer. I prefer swimming pools. My swimming…

Maria del Pilar

#Spring #water #organic #vegan #food #artist into the #business world, creating her own #agroforestry #permaculture project #ecommerce #gamification #FinTech.

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