Abundance 101.

Maria Pilar
2 min readAug 2, 2022

July 28.

Video, I recorded what happens. Working on it, we are working on it.

Last night, 24:01, (12:01, 00:01 what my mobile shows different times, different days). Everything can be changed. Anything can be changed. It can be changed for better, for better. Celebration. Celebration education. Dreams, dreams to live happy, dreams to achieve our objectives, dreams to live willingly, happy everyday.

There is a car driver who leaves its car going behind when a person is crossing over a street, second time it has happened. It does it on purpose.

Today I have fried potatoes, fried salted potatoes as an starter, onions’ soup as a main course, yesterday I ate a whole melon. It was juicy and sweet, until nearly 22:00 at night eating melon.

Calm after storm. Lately intriguing storms, intriguing clouds, wind and intriguing darkness that do not want to rain. So restless. Just enough to get the dirt on your window glasses, cleaned 2 days ago. Lately I clean my window glasses and follow a storm.

By Maria Pilar
Maria Pilar

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