Abundance 103.

Maria Pilar
2 min readAug 23, 2022

August 23, 2022.

By Maria Pilar Diez Calderon.

You have guessed already that I have been for about 7 days in Peñafiel, the town where I was born, that chapel at the right hand side, is where I have my first communion, long white dressed in a hat so beautiful little girl with my paternal grandparents in hand, it is a saying because I walked from my house all along that road holding my church book in a hand and in the other my rosary and caring my steps due to the length of my dress and the length veil covering all my back and sides. A beautiful day.

Today in library, students around, after a walk and my meal of carrots, vegan cheese, onions and courgette.

This morning I have followed my daily yoga-meditation routine. It is agreeable to look through my room window and see that the branches and leaves of the false plum tree are tall-growing up and hide the street lights and the awful background. Well, still it leaves the huge green tree at sight, that is beautiful.

I think of what it has happened to me today. In the way, in my walk, I pass along a street where there are a bank, and 3 restaurant-bars street terraces. It is a challenge walking along this street because of those terraces. Sure you know what I am talking about.

And the hoses, the watering system in a park that it soakes the path where all the walkers by, therefore one must calculate the time to go by without being soaked. Gardeners are paid to care about water and the watering system location, direction, choosing the correct fit to saving water.

This library air conditioner is set in an extremely cold level. It should be just in a clean, fresh air.

Time, time, time.



Maria Pilar

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