Abundance 91.

Maria Pilar
Jun 7, 2022


June 7, 2022.

The sun is shining, summer time. Walk from my house to a public library, sweating, perhaps the weight of my ragsack. An umbrella to protect myself from the sun.

The fountains, 2 fountains working, is beautiful feeling the water flowing up and down.

I heard that a man can live without eating food. Today I have drinking water, eating my cream of walnuts and pears; and avocado, basil, lemon, apple. I have cooked carrots, sweet potatoes and courgettes, if needed later on.

Listening to podcasts in library while writing my blogs. Librarian and 2 users.

Everyone behaves differently depending on the environment in each situation.

Better cleaning my mobile screen when it is switched off.

Interesting subjects that I want to listen to, however I do not want to watch that man.

By Maria Pilar Diez Calderon.

It was so delicious and it was unexpected.



Maria Pilar

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